Thursday, September 28, 2006

Emily the Cruncy Con...

One of the books I've enjoyed reading lately is Crunchy Cons by Rob Dreher that came out...oh...sometime in the spring, I think? Or late winter? I was still living at home when it came out, so it must have been before March of this year. Anyway, the book talks about living a truly conservative/ sacramental life, including things like:

--organic food and supporting local farmers


--the practice of faith

--loving the "permanent" things, like God

--devotion to classical music, literature, the good stuff, and not kulturesmog (h/t Rob)

Anyway, I was reading it, and while I don't agree with everything it certainly sounds like a nice way to live for me. Thankfully David is on board, too, so it looks like we might just be a nice little Crunchy Con couple. Who knew?

Today I discovered Rob Dreher's blog at

so be sure to read it if you're at all incliend. There are great links to homeschooling, food, and other websites to help investigate or start the crunchy con life. Yeah, OK, it might be a little weird, but read the stuff before you judge it!


mutleythedog said...

I think if you look at my blog you would find a fellow crunchy con!!

mutleythedog said...

What kind of poster girl are you with no photo?