Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sign of the Cross

Do Protestants make it?

I was reading over at Open Book an article about this and I realized I had never noticed if my Protestant friends do or not. The only time I've been in a church with them for a service was when they went with me to Mass, and even then I didn't notice.

Anyone know?


Brian said...

I'm Baptist-we don't make the sign of the Cross, but we use the Cross as a symbol in our church. Usually, there will be one behind the pulpit.

Jen said...

We didn't make the sign of the cross in the Methodist Church, and most of the protestants that I knew didn't. I think that maybe some Lutheran and Anglicans do though.

In some protestant groups that I was in in college I had to be very careful not to make the sign of the cross, because it would out me as a Catholic, and there was unfortunately an anti-Catholic bias in those groups.