Monday, April 17, 2006

"Why has it been wasted?"

The above is from "Strange Things, Mystifying" from Jesus Christ, Superstar . Judas sings it to Mary Magdalene after she's anoited Jesus with her perfumed oil:

Why has it been wasted?
We could've raised, maybe,
300 silver pieces or more.
People who are hungry
People who are starving
Matter more
Than your
Feet and hair!

That was my reaction when I read that the Cleveland Diocese was sued by a alleged abuse victim (I always say alleged, like alleged rape victim or whatever, until it's been proven) for $45,000 in a defamation suit. The article in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer reads, in part:

"{name] accuses Pilla [the old bishop], Mulica and diocesean officials of ruining his life, but thinks the settlement money will be therapeutic. He plans to buy a sailboat, take a long trip and write a book about his experiences ." (emphasis mine)

Um. OK. Glad to know the good people of Cleveland's offetory money is going to buy sailboats. I know that sounds harsh, but the alleged incident with a priest (who is now dead, I believe) happened in 1981--twenty-five years ago. The money is from a libel case that the family brought against the Diocese for remarks Bishop Pilla made in 2002. But either way, $45,000 is a lot of money that "could have been saved for the poor."

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rover said...

"Jesus Christ, Superstar" rocks! Anyway, I get what you are saying, but here are my thoughts. If the Diocese (spelling?) got sued it doesn't seem that they had much of a choice in the matter. As Christians we are instructed to settle disputes before they go to court. So I guess the right thing to do was to just pay out, as tragic as that might be. If the Diocese had fought the suit it easily could have spent much more. In that case I would agree with you 100%. Anyway, I'm sure that sailboat will solve all of that man's life problems..