Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bookshelf update

Currently I'm reading God's Invisible Hand by Cardinal Francis Arinze. It's actually b unch of interviews with Irish journalist Gerard O' Connor, which makes for interesting and quick reading. It's really, really good so far, and it's good to keep tabs on him...he was considered papabile in the last conclave, and was ecstatic when B XVI was elected. My kind of Cardinal (as opposed to, say, McCarrick, Mahoney, Rigali.....grrr)! Ignatius publishes the book, so you can it at their website or most Catholic bookstores (if you're in Columbus, both the Cathedral Book Shop and Catholica in Westerville have it.). I'm also going to be reading Ramesh Ponnuru's (of National Review fame) new book, The Party of Death as soon as I can get a copy...you know how I feel about anything related to abortion policy. :)

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