Thursday, November 16, 2006

Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians and homosexuals...

a Change in doctrine? Read the WaPo story below...

ME: one note... here's one choice bit from the article:

The decisions are part of a mounting backlash in many U.S. denominations against church groups whose stated goal is not only to welcome but also to "affirm" gay congregants. For many religious groups, the biblical injunction to hate the sin but love the sinner is no longer sufficient, because many believers do not view homosexuality as a sin.

Um, homosexual acts are condemned throughout the Bible. It's pretty clear how the Bible feels on this. So how can these denominations, who claim to be "Bible based", or follow Sola Scriptura claim that the Bible is wrong? Or at least that it's not "current"? That's essentially what they're doing with these rulings. How confused must their adherents be? "Well, only part of what's in the Bible is true...the rest we can 'interpret.'"

Reason 5,670,025 why I'm glad I'm Catholic.

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