Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rod's take on the Courage debate

Over at Crunchy Cons:

Not exactly profiles in Courage
Courage is a very fine organization for same-sex oriented Catholics who wish to live chaste lives in accordance with Church teaching. I've had several friends who are now or who once were part of a Courage chapter. It's not a group that tries to force same-sex-oriented members to "become straight." As I understand it -- Courage Man, who posts here sometimes, correct me if I'm wrong -- the group supports members who do attempt reparative therapy, but mostly it's there as a support group.

Anyway, the US Catholic bishops, gathered today for their annual meeting, took up a proposal by one archbishop to explicitly recognize the Courage ministry. Read Amy's liveblogging of the event for a sense of the debate. Especially this: Bishop Sullivan: Against the Burke amendment - it's a divisive issue. Such a complex issue.

The amendment failed -- but it will be relegated to a footnote in the eventual document. Think of it: a majority of the Catholic bishops of the United States of America voted down a proposal to recognize what may be the only Catholic ministry to gays and lesbians that actually supports Roman Catholic teaching.

Me: Amen, brother. Shouldn't the bishops be encouraging this sort of minisry? In Amy's post she mentioned that some bishops have a lot of problems with the Courage ministry. I cannot see what they are, given that it teaches what the Church teaches, are far as I know.
Can any of you enlighten me as to what the problems may be? Or is it just the USCCB being its normal, controversial self?

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