Monday, January 01, 2007

LOTR is done!

OK, so much for the slow! I got so into them I just kept reading and finished them last night. Much, much better than the movies, at least I think so. Not that the movies are bad , I just like the books better. As I usually do. It was great to read more about some of the characters that the movie sort of short-shrifted (i.e., Galadriel) or eliminated together (i.e., Tom and the Dark Forest). I could've done with 1) less Gollum and 2) less Ents (wow they really annoyed me in the movies, too). But other than that, much to my surprise, I really liked them. Now all my Tolkien-obsessed friends can say "I told you so."

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Cubeland Mystic said...

Less Ents? No don't say that.

Just kidding of course. If you start to read them scholarly or as a mythology you will see what Tolkien is getting at with Ents, Tom Bombadil, and Gollum. To be honest they used to bug the heck out of me too. Mostly because it breaks the flow of the material, and makes fast reading difficult. You become frustrated, but then what was treebeard's point about being hasty. Hence Tolkien broke the flow of dialogue and you had to slow down. Gotta go, have a nice weekend.