Monday, January 15, 2007

Nancy and Donald

No, not Trump. Wurel, as in the archbishop of D.C.

Now I understand that the U.S. bishops, with a few notable exceptions, are not really willing to publicly discipline the more "celebrity" wayward members of their flock. Especially in D.C., where most of the Catholic pols you hear about are of the lefty variety. But, in the case of Nancy Pelosi, I really feel the time has come for something to be done.

Pelosi isn't "working" on her stance toward abortion, homosexual marriage, etc. She's not "evolving." She's been a staunch supporter of these policies, and others, for years. This has not changed. She is now the third most powerful politician in the coutnry (shiver). It is time for action to be taken.

Archbishop Wuerl really needs to step up to the plate, like he did in Pittsburgh, and make it known that Church teachings have to be followed by everyone. What kind of example does it set for normal Joe and Jane Catholic, who are trying to live lives faithful to the Church's teachings, even when it's hard, when they see people like Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, et al., being given an essential free pass? They're going up and receving Holy Communion, even though being conscious of mortal sin means you can't receive communion. You cannot tell me that Pelosi et al. do not know how the Church feels about abortion.

From a PR perspective, would it be the greatest thing? No, probably not. More calls about how Catholics are nutty, intolerant, behind the times. But you know what? We have to preserve the integriry of our faith. We can't just let people get away with these things because they're powerful or prominent citizens. If anything, they should be held to a higher standard. We should be proud to tell our kids that the Speaker of the House is Catholic. As it is, at least we've got Roberts, Alito and Scalia for examples. And Senators like Brownback and Santorum. But American bishops must step up and set an example for everyone. You cannot divorce your faith from your life. Your life is meant to be a testimony to your faith. What kind of message are they sending? Not one I want my kids to see.

I was hopeful when Bishop Wuerl was sent to D.C. that he'd take a firm stand on this. I don't want to be disappointed.

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