Thursday, June 15, 2006

Changes to the Mass?

The U.S. Catholic bishops will be taking up the idea of changing (well, OK, adjusting) the English translation we say at Mass to a more accurate reflection of the Latin. Several countries, including England and Australia, have already adopted these new translations. For example, instead of "The Lord be with you/ and also with you" it would be "The Lord be with you/And with your spirit", which is closer to the Latin "Et tum spiritu" (forgive the spelling). I actually think this is a good idea and would love to have Latin Mass, since I was born after Vatican II and missed it. I love all that old stuff. :) The only problem it'll cause is with the Mass settings, and since I'm in choir that means we'll have to learn some new stuff, since the new language probably won't fit with the old stuff everyone knows. But oh well. I'm sure with some tweaking we can still keep the "Celtic Mass" and the "Mass of Creation."

More on this when they have their conferene later this summer...for more, check out the WaPo ( religion section.

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GodFool said...

i LOVE the Mass of Creation. the priest we have sings it so well. and i do agree that a latin mass would be cool, and i know a little, but don't you think these changes are just going to distract the already dwindling attention span during the liturgy? what do you think?