Thursday, June 22, 2006

Internal fall-out with Bishop Schori

From Tuesday's Dispatch :

"The first woman chosen to lead the Episcopal Church faced a conservative backlash yesterday when the diocese said it would seek leadership elsewhere...The Diocese of Forth Worth told the church's General Convention...that it was appealing to the leaders of sister Anglican churches abroad for immediate oversight and pastoral care...JEffertss Schore called Fort Worth's actions 'understandable.' When asked what she might do, she said, 'try to build relationships.' Forth Worth, San Joaquin, Calif., and Quincy, Ill., are the only dioceses in the denomination that don't ordain women. Resistance to female clergy is more prevalent in other parts of the 77-million member Anglican Communion (emphasis mine). ..Forth Worth now argues that an entire diocese can seek spiritual leadership from other Anglican Churches."

Well it's this a nice kettle of the words of columnist Damian Thompson, who had a column about this issue in the UK Telegraph :

The lowest common denomminator of any mainstream Christian Church is that its ministers accept the validity of each another's orders and therefore sacraments: that is the essence of "communion." Now that Anglicanism encompasses women and gay bishops (and, come to think of it, gay women bishops), roughly two thirds of its provinces do not recognise the minsitry and bishops ordained by the other third. This is not a Church: it is an ecclesiastical car crash."

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