Thursday, June 22, 2006

Popcorn time: Cars

Haven't had a popcorn in awhile, so here you go ( a change from the Episcopalians!)

Saw Cars on Father's Day with my dad, brother and sister with a relatively good crowd of folks, mostly parents with small kiddies but a lot of adults and teens, too, given that this is Pixar. Contrary to some reviewers, I thought it was equal to Pixar's previous efforts and outshone Lassiter's last directorial works, the Toy Story films (I'm sorry, I've just never been that big a fan). The film revolves around Lightening McQueen (Owen Wilson), a hot shot race car who wants to win the "Piston Cup" and is heading to the final race in L.A. to decide the winner. On the way, Mac, his faithful carrier, accidentially loses him, and Lightening ends up in Radiator Springs, an all-but-deserted town along the fabled Route 66 (the shots of Rt. 66 are awesome, by the way, as is all the background work. Just amazing. No one does sunsets like Pixar). There he's forced into labor by the town sherrif after breaking the laws. He ends up meeting Doc (Paul Newman), Sally (Bonnie Hunt, as a really sexy Porsche) and the town's other colorful characters, like Italians Luigi and Guido, a hippie VW van, a real SUV, Sarge, and the tow trucks, whose name I'm forgetting. Of course Lightening has a lesson to learn from these guys and it's fun to watch him learn it. I liked it, but I think my dad liked it a lot more--he did his really loud laugh thing a couple times. :) Good music, good animation, great voices. Highly enjoyable, so go see it, and stay till the end because there's more animation.