Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Romney in '08?

K-Lo from Boston last night...I'm thinking I might be a Romney girl:


A good tidbit:
And what about the much talked about “Mormon problem”? Speaking to the British Times recently, when asked if his religion would be a problem if he chose to run for the White House, Romney said: “People used to wonder whether a divorced actor could be elected … or whether a Mormon could win Massachusetts, a state that is 55% Catholic.”

He continued, “There was probably a time when people cared which church you went to, but that’s past. People today look to see a person’s faith in the way they live in their home with their family.”

If Liberty Sunday in Boston is any indication, there may be something to Romney’s optimism — there may, in fact, be no Mormon problem. To put it less than Christianly: It’s the issues, stupid. Perhaps, despite polls and chatter suggesting hesitancy among evangelicals or others to vote for a generic Mormon, once they see that the Mormon is a politician with a in-sync record who gives a stirring speech, singing the right tune, at an already rockin’ black evangelical church, the so-called Mormon problem may be a moot point.

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