Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thoughts on the Missouri brouhaha

I've covered ESCR and cloning and all that goes with it many times on my several blogs. My basic position is that I am in favor of adult stem cell research. I am not in favor of ESCR because it destroys life. I don't care how tiny, how nascent it is. It's life, it's human life, so there. No go. I would never support, or use, therapies developed by ESCR. And I can say that without anyone going "well you've never been in that situation." Um, yeah I have. And if ESCR stuff would've been available I would've said "thanks but no thanks." I have CF-releated diabetes now, and people talk about how ESCR could "cure" diabetes. Well, I honestly don't think compromising my deep moral principles is worth not having to shoot up some insulin every night. Sorry. As I have said before, there is a limit to my selfishness. I'm not going to sacrifice someone else to save my own life. That's just the way it is.

Life is not something we should mess with. Birth and death are decided by God. He gives us life, he takes it away. That means no abortion, no euthanasia, and yes, I am against the death penalty (I accept the CCC's teaching on it). This leads us down a horribly slippery-slope path of deciding what lives are and are not worth living. What is "life" to someone else is not "life" to another.

If you've read Tuesdays With Morrie you can see what i'm talking about. Many people would not like to live the way Morrie did. But in doing so, in choosing life, he taught Mitch Albom and the millions who have read the book incalculable, beautiful lessons. The world is a better place for people like him. Yet there are those who would say he, and others like him, weren't really "living." That euthanasia is the best, the preferred, the humane way to treat these case. Life is the most wonderful and precious thing we have, and we treat it so cavalierly. People smoke their lungs away, drink away their livers, are willing to kill babies that make life "complicated" and that they are "not ready for." And on the other side, we are trying to create a world without suffering. it's not possible. But suffering is what gives life it's depth and breathdt. It makes it all worthwhile. I would not appreciate the small, tiny things of life if I hadn't had to fight so hard for it. It is a wonderful gift. But people abort their babies with down syndrome or other genetic abnormalities because they think that are "helping" the baby avoid a life of suffering. "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."

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