Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thoughts on Fr. Neuhaus II

Wow I realized after reading my last post that it was heavy on the court stuff and my own personal holiday pet peeves, not so much the hospital/clinic issues Fr. Neuhaus talks about. I got a little carried away. So here I respond to that...

If you are going to a Catholic hospital to be treated, then you should know some things, like EC, may not (indeed, should not!) be in play. I would hope the hospital demonstrates its commitment to its founding values at least that much. They are private institutions. Leave them alone. No one is making you go there and receive treatment.

Now, what if they are receiving federal funds (i.e., Faith-Based Initatives?). Well, they can't break the law, obviously. But they must still be faithful to their missions. And if the feds think that this will break the law/compromise the spending of tax dollars, then don't grant them to these groups. Doesn't that sound, well, easy?

That's the problem. Nothing with government is easy. Trust me. I work for them.

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