Tuesday, January 31, 2006

5 Catholics...the world is ending!

With the confirmation of Justice Samuel Alito today (YAY!!!), the Supreme Court now has 5 (GASP!) Catholic judges! Including, dare I say, the Chief Justice and the conservative justices!! The world is ending! The Pope is setting up residence on the Potomac! eeeek!

OK, sorry, just had to get that out of mysystem. Soo glad he was confirmed and that he's on the Court. He will be a great jurist and I'm proud of GW and the Senate Rs for GETTING IT DONE (and thanks to the Senate Ds who actually did something logical and voted for him).

All you anti-Catholics, calm down. I'm sure that B XVI won't offer the opening prayer of the Court session in October, and he won't celebrate the Red Mass, either. Whoa, Nellie...it's OK. :) I just hope GW gets in some congratulatory points during SOTU (State of the Union) tonight. Which y'all will watch, right?? :-D (my foreign readers are excluded, unless you get CNN or something. Then it's on, but at like 3 in the morning or some other obscene time.)


rey said...

but will these 5 remain true to the faith 100% of the time? maybe we can expect 4 of them to be faithful 80% of the time, while the 5th (justice kennedy) we can pretty much forget about. unfortunately for these guys, the interests of God don't always coincide with the interests of caesar.


Emily said...

How, depressingly, true. We haven't really had a chance to see Roberts in action, and, of course, haven't seen Alito at all, but I have hopes that they will adhere to the faith much better than Kennedy. I'd ahve to check Scalia and Thomas' records to see, but my gut feeling is that they do pretty well for us.

andrea said...

From a non-(and just for you, sometimes anti)-Catholic, I think this is a good thing for all conservatives. Although I tend to disagree with the Catholics on a lot of religious things, politically we are pretty closely aligned. So I'm glad that we've got some conservatives (hopefully!)

andrea said...

oh, and I forgot! If I count as one of your "foreign readers," then yeah, it was on at 3 AM here on CNN, so I recorded it and watched this morning. And thus got myself in a very pro-American, anti-European mood :-) (see my journal posting for today)