Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Roe at 33 (a milestone its victims won't ever reach...)

OK, I know I'm a little late posting on this but I had "procedures" at Children's yesterday and am still a wee bit out of it (yeah, drugs...OK, not), but I need to post on this, so here we go.

I'm not sure what else can really be said on this. Obviously, it's heartbreaking. Think of all those millions of children that never saw sunlight, never were kissed, never went to school, never learned to read or heard music or played soccer in the fields during the summer. Think of all those babies who never even opened their eyes and saw another human being smile back at them. And what did they do, to deserve death in a cold, sterile procedural room? Nothing. They were conceived, either from a night with too many beers, or a rape, or in a marriage where the parents just didn't want another child. They could have been found to have a genetic defect, or something else that the family just didn't want to "deal with". This last view is exemplified best in this bone-chilling post from DailyKos:

if anyone ever says (none / 0)

I can't abort my extra-chromosome kid I'm gonna kick them in the face. Sorry folks, I don't want to spend my time raisin' that kid.

I, you--NO ONE--has to "accept" whatever plops out. Having a kid, in the grand scheme of things is 1) not that special, and 2) not that hard to do.

"I don't want to spend my time raisin' that kid?" There's nothing ro even say about this. I cannot imagine it. What if my mother had said that before I was born? I wouldn't be here. Because, you know, us genetically flawed kids can't do anything worthwhile in society, right? Worth isn't determined by a W2 or a college degree. Worth is determined by God, and how much love you give. Even the "imperfect" are worthy of love. They can give love. It chills me to think how many on the pro-choice side are esentially condoning eugenics---the same thing that Nazis did during WWII. We were horrified by it then; now it occurs, hundreds of them, every day in America, and they're OK with it.

But we on the pro-life said cannot be. I"m not saying burn the clinics and kill the doctors because that's wrong. It goes against our message that all life is sacred. And it is! We must pray even harder for these people, that their hearts be changed. "Let not our hearts be hardened," the psalmist askes in Psalm 95. How can we allow the destruction of our most innocent? Society is gauged on how we value life, the most innocent and the weakest. Last week we saw that Oregon has allowed people to end their lives when they are no longer "worth living". And we allow parents to abort their children if their childrens' lives are "not worth living" or are just "inconvenient". Yes, I've read the stories of mothers who felt they had no choice. But there is a choice . That choice is life. Give the child up for adoption. I would love to have your child, since I can't have children of my own. Many people would take them, and love them, and give them a good life. A life infinitely better than death. Even those that the DailyKos reader sees as so unimportant, I would take. I've seen Down Syndrome kids, CP kids, MS kids, kids of every kind at Children's. And you know what makes them special? How loving they are, how great they are. Sure they have their challenges--don't we all? But that's no reason to kill them!

As for the idea that having a baby "isn't that special" and "isn't that hard to do", um, I'm sorry, but having a baby is the greatest thing you can do. That doesn't mean it has to be hard. Many great and lovely things are quite simple. You are creating new life--and that's not special? How jaded have we allowed ourselves to get?!

Abortion hurts our country in so many ways, not the least of which is the corruption to our nation's soul that abortion allows. We are not protecting the "least among us". this is our most basic duty as Christians. Forget, for a minute, hunger, and education,a nd equal pay for equal work and all that stuff. NONE of that matters if you don't have life . Without life, none of the rest of it matters at all. So to all those "pro-choice" Christians, I would remind you that that is THE issue. We cannot have anything else without life. And to Catholics: THIS IS IT. It is so important. Even more important that the death penalty, hunger, what have you. Vitally important. I would ask us all to remember that.

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rover said...

I couldn't agree more. I would challenge those who think that having a child isn't hard to actually spend a day with one.