Sunday, January 01, 2006

FPOY (Thanks, Corner)

Hah! The First Post of the Year (FPOY)....and nothing profound to say, other than I enjoyed seeing Dick Clark back in action. :) My wishes for the New Year? Let's see... (some predictions, too)

1. That B XVI have a great first full year of his pontificate, proclaiming and teaching the Truth of the Church in the spirit of JP II-- "Be not afraid!"

2. That the Blue Jackets will win some games

3. that I will really begin working out in earnest (I'm trying...)

4. The GOP will keep Congress in a squeaker and we'll keep the Ohio G.A., too. I'm not so sure about the Gov.'s race.

5. That good priests will be ordained and our seminaries will see an increase in seminarians

6. That B XVI will canonize many good, holy saints for our Church

7. That my parish will get a second priest (to replace the visiting priest we have to likes to play with the wording of the Mass...more on that later).

8. That I'll get a date. :) (OK, so maybe that's more of a wish...)

9. That things will continue to progress in Iraq and the media will not notice.

10. There will be some sort of controversy at the 2006 Turin games, somehow involving an ice sport (like, say, figure skating...)

11. Some very leftist movie will win Best Picture (boy I hope I'm wrong), but Narnia will be one of the best selling DVDs of the year (if not the best selling).

12. A Papal decree will come down that will clean up the way we say Mass and restore some of the reverence...and hopefully clean up the music. No more "praise bands" with songs no one knows!! Please!!

That's all I've got for now...feel free to add your own predictions in the comment slot, or send them to y'all later!


Jessy said...

Those are some pretty good predictions and wishes :) I hope the same for Narnia also.

I hope you get a date too, I wouldn't mind one either haha. Pure wishing!



RichelleKZ said...

Hi Emily! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We must get together soon. NYC wasn't the same without you! I am also trying to work out this year! Can't wait to see you. Love, Richelle