Friday, February 17, 2006

bookshelf: The Jeweller's Shop

So after I finished the Confessions I was on a bit of a tear, and went on to read JP II's play "The Jeweller's Shop" in one sitting (well, two if you count me reading it in the tub :) ). More of a poetic meditation on marriage than a real "play"--the lines are really long monologues, there's very little dialogue in the true sense. The introduction tells us that this is a form of Polish playwriting that has a long history in the country, so I just went with it. It's three acts: the first two tell the story of two couples--Andrew and Teresa, who are just about to get married; Anna and Stefan, whose marriage is disintegrating, and Christopher and Monica, the children (respectively) of these couples who are about to get married. There's also some various extras and a Greek-like chorus (a la Sophocles) that comments on the action a few times. The "jeweller" is God the father, and the couples represent us, obviously. It's a good read, and goes along well with the Pope's ideas of love and sexual relationships (see Love and Responsibility ...a post on that due soon, too). Interesting to read some of JP II's writings other than encyclicals, since he was so prolific with his literary output. If you're a fan of his, be sure to read it; if not, it's option. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a good, quick read, and it's a taste of other drama traditions other than what we're used to in the West. It's available through Ignatius Press (and I got my copy at Barnes and Noble! Woo hoo! But you can also order off the company's website), harback, about $10, 11. Not too bad.

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Jessy said...

Hey :)

I'm reading Confessions of St. Augustine at the moment. I'm not that far through it. It is a very intense read thus far. I know it's going to be something that Ill be forever reading, and will keep going back to.

I find many of his questions that he poses to God in the first 20 or so pages to be interesting. The things that he pours out on to the pages is really deep thinking, some of those same questions I've had. His explainations, the way he views it, sort of comforted me.

So far so good! I do know that Ill need some very light reading right after it!!!