Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Crying at work...

Is never a good thing, especially if you're in a crowded room with a bunch of people able to see you.:) But today the level of frustration at work hit a new high.

We had a bill today that would ban "wrongful life" suits in our state while still protecting negligence suits. Basically the bill protects doctors form being sued if a woman gives birth to a baby that has genetic defects or whatever, and if she'd known that a head of time she may have had an abortion.

You can guess what I think of this law. The fact that I am in the category of what some would consider "wrongful life" also makes this a rather touchy topic for me. So I sat there while the opposition said all sorts of things, like that a woman's right to choose was being infringed upon, and that there should be time to "prepare" for this event, and all that good stuff. I was ready to hit the roof. "Prepare?" What does that mean? Huh? Then there was talk about this being a personal decision, whatever that means. Um, hello. Personal in what way? That you're getting to decide who lives and who dies? It reminds me of the passage in A Christmas Carol where Scrooge receives a severe scolding from one of the spirits (and I'm paraphrasing here), and says, 'who are you to decide who shall live and who shall die?...oh that the ant on the branch who passes judgment on his brothers in the dust!' (I think we all need a good dose of Dickens...) What kind of society are we creating when parents can kill their children on a whim, when they can sue for someone being born whom they don't think has a right to be here? It's just insane to think about. Crazy. Nutty. Off the wall.

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Anonymous said...

You go girl! Can't think of a better reason to cry at work.