Wednesday, February 22, 2006

SCOTUS and abortion

And related to the link below, SCOTUS has decided to take up the partial-birth abortion ban. The papers insist on saying "so-called 'partial-birth abortion'", but you know, it is. Let's look at what happens (yeah, this is gonna be graphic):

The baby is delivered feet first until just the head remains in the womb. Then the skull is punctured with scissors and the brain is suctioned out and the baby is dead.

OK so that was a brief description, but let's note some fine points. First of all, to perform a partial-birth abortion, the baby must be big enough to be delivered . It not only has a fully-formed body--head, legs, arms, the whole package-- but a brain that needs to be suctioned out to end the baby's life. So it's infanticide, essentially. It's sooo definitely a child at this point it's not even funny. And it's murdered in a cold, sterile procedure room. I don't care what you tell me, there is absolutely no reason for this procedure to exist at all. There is no medical necessity that could cause this to be a needed procedure. It's nothing more than the intentional taking of human life. If that baby slipped and was fully delivered and the dcotor did the same thing, he'd be charged with infanticide and probably put in jail for a good, long time. But a matter of inches...nah, it's a "choice."

The Lefties, of course, are up in arms because Roberts and Alito are Catholic! And they might rule that this law is constitutional! Oh my goodness!!! The sky will fall!!

The case isn't going to be heard until October, but keep in mind that we really are talking about a child here, as we say on the bumper stickers. One so far along that it has a brain and a face and arms and legs and all the things full-term newborns have.

Still think it's just a clump of cells? In the words of The Incredibles : "I think not!"

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Anonymous said...

If, at the point of a partial birth abortion, the fetus is actually viable outside the mother and it's possible to actually remove intact without greater risk to the mother, why don't they already do that?

If in fact, that's possible who's going to pay for the neonatal ICU? Who's going to deal with raising the child, if they're developmentally delayed or brain damaged?

And what about cases where a relatively fetus that appears to be an intact baby has developed, but the best medical science available today even at extreme effort probably can't save the life outside the mother? The chance of survival, even with the best medical science today, falls rapidly once you get earlier than 25 weeks.