Thursday, February 02, 2006

Next Narnia movie--2007!

You can start the countdown now....the next Narnia movie has, apparently, begun production and will open Christmas 2007, if all goes as planned. The best part? The original cast is all returning (including the adorable Georgie Henley...don't get me wrong, I love the rest of the kids, too, William and Anna and Skynard (sp?), but Georgie's just too cute). Prince Caspian, the second book published but the fourth in the series, tells the tale of Caspian, the son of the new rulers of Narnia, the Telmarines, who believes in "Old Narnia" (the narnia of LWW) and fights for his rightful place on the throne of narnia. The Penseive kids, a few years older now, come back to help out (but not of their own the book for more). And this movie gives us my second favorite Narnia character--Reepicheep the mouse!!! Read the book if you haven't, yet, and get ready for the film! You've got almost two solid years to do it!

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