Thursday, February 16, 2006

Churches for aboriton....sigh

OK, grr. I know I printed out a story that was on NRO recently about pro-choice churches, but I've misplaced it so I'm working from memory here. Forgive me.

It seems that more Christian churches are joining the "Churches for Reproductive Choice" (I believe it's called) coalition--churches that are pro-choice. Now, besides from the obvious prohibition against "Thou Shalt Not Kill" given us in the 10 Commandments (or, as I like to say, the liberals' 10 "suggestions"), I wonder how these people can sleep at night. Some of the members are the Presbyterians, Reform and Conservative Judaism, the United Methodist Church and others (including the infamous "Catholics for a Free Choice"----don't even get me started). While some of them are "fuzzy" on their support, saying things like "while abortion is never a good/preferrable option" it should nonetheless remain an option. Huh? I can't imagine these churches saying, "while rape is not a good/preferrable option, it should nonetheless remain an option." Same with murder, or theft, or other morally reprehensible things that Christians, in theory, are against. But when it comes to killing innocent babies, nah, that's a choice we should keep in tact.

The whole idea just burns me up. They talk all they want about protecting the poor and such, but don't they understand that without the right to life, everything else is secondary? We can't worry about the poor until the kids are here . The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away....right??

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Anonymous said...

Nobody supports killing babies.

But when people start from different axioms and assumptions, it shouldn't be surprising that they are going to come to different conclusions.

And there are a lot of axioms and assumptions that you draw from your faith that not everyone will share - including some people who consider themselves Catholics.

I'm sure you know that - at least intellectually.

I have no idea, for Catholics, how "out there" disagreeing on that issue is, but among Christianity *in general* you really shouldn't be surprised that some Christians have different beliefs about just about anything... including drawing that line for when a human life begins.

And if you want to effect change, you need to start by addressing that difference in assumptions - not simply accuse them of supporting killing babies.

Because while that may be true under your assumptions, it's not true under theirs. If you can give them a reason to change their underlying assumption you're much more likely to get their agreement in terms of the overall inappropriateness of abortion.

But until/unless you can address it at that level, of course they can sleep at night; to them, it's not a matter of killing babies.