Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lenten Books

For Lent, I'm deviating a bit from the usual, and I'm reading

-- The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Anne Catherine Emmerick. Fans of The Passion (of which I am a loud and enthusiastic one) will recognize this book as a major source for that film. Barnes and Noble published its own edition (that's the one I'm reading) so it's much easier to find now.

--still Letter and Spirit's coming...

--some more of B XVI, including his way of the Cross reflections from last Good Friday.

Also, you must watch The Passion preferrably several times. It is, simply, one of the best films ever and demands being watched, especially during Lent. I've waxed poetic about this before, and if I can find my original review I'll be sure to post it here. But it is fantastic. Watch it. Learn from it. Don't be afraid of the violence because it's really not that bad, and we all know that Crucifixion was not a garden party. James Caviezel is incredible. Go buy it so that you can always have it on hand whenever you're having a bad day and need to be reminded that Christ went through a heck of a lot for all of us.

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Jonathan said...

From a Protestant Brother I will give you kudos on your suggestions. Nothing could do us as Christians better than to unite with our Lord's suffering through the tools of the Passion and the two wonderful books mentioned! Christ's peace be with you!!