Saturday, March 25, 2006

You can never have too many bears....

I probably shouldn't be surprised that the Sierra Club is nutty (since i am a Republican) but as Catholic, I find some of their statements just morally horrible. Besides their support of the Cairo Conference's intiatives in the 1990s, which John Paul the Great and the Church vehemently opposed, these statements from their website make my blood run cold:

Under Population :

"Families should not have more than 2 natural children and adoption should be encouraged";

"...that state and federal laws should be changed to encourage small families and to discourage large families";

"that laws, policies and attitudes that foster population growth or big families, or that restrict abortion and contraception, or that attempt to contrict the roles of men and women, should be abandoned."

HOWEVER, later in the website...

"our work is not about controlling women's lives."

Huh? Well according to the Gospel of the Sierra Club, my family is really screwed. There are three of us.. my dad has two mother is one of eight, and has a brother with seven kids (that must really get the Sierra Club going) and two of her sisters have three children (the others are OK, because they only have two, you know). My married cousins are a mixed bag; one has apparently reached her child limit, since she's got a stepdaughter and a toddler, and the other has three kids, so that's just unacceptable So who are we supposed to get rid of here? Because kids are horrible! (BTW, do these statements remind anyone else of the witches in the Dahl book The Witches ?)

This is, quite simply, the kind of stuff you just can't make up.


andrea said...

good to see you're back on here! and that you have internet again! in spite of the fact that i disagree with your new posts (well, other than the one about the sierra club, they are nuts), it's good to have some new reading material :-)

rover said...

A few years ago the military wanted to take over my favorite area. Some local folk started a movement to save the land, and thought it would be a good idea to get the Sierra Club involved. That pretty much ended my interest. That is one strange organiztion.