Sunday, March 12, 2006

Update: The Bishops speak!

And they speak clearly!

Readers of the below post will have read about 55 House Dems trying to assert their Catholicity while at the same time being pro-choice and holding on to their right to disagree on certain issues, namely abortion, with the church. But the Bishops have said, 'nuh-uh.'

Cardinals Keeler of Baltimore, McCarrick of D.C., and DiMarzio of Brooklyn have said that there is no wiggle room and that they are "duty-bound to work against 'the destruction of unborn human life.'" They added that they will work with them on other issues affecting the "poor and vulnerable" but that abortion is "gravely immoral" and they're not movin'.

Woohoo! Thumbs-up for the bishops. About time. :)

(material from the Washington Post 3/11 edition is used above)

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