Saturday, November 12, 2005


There's going to be a lot of book posts around here these days, so I thought I'd give you a heads up on what's coming:

--Letters to a Young Catholic, by George Weigel
--God's Choice, by George Weigel
--The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis
--The Interior Castle, by St. Teresa of Avila
--the Jeweller's Shop, by JP the Great
--The Confessions, by St. Augustine

Yeah, I know..."light" stuff! But I've got to keep my brain busy. So look for these, if you're interested in books. :) I'll try to post some non-bibliophile stuff for the rest of you, too!

photo: some of my 400+ books in my library...once an English major, always an English major....

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