Monday, November 21, 2005

Now Thank We All Our God

(great hymn, by the way.....)

It's that time of year...Thanksgiving! And in that spirit, I've decided to offer the list of things I'm thankful for (both seriously and irreverantly), and invite readers to do the same in the "comment" section. God asks us to number our blessings, and to "give thanks in all circumstances", so we might as well start with Thanksgiving, and get in the habit of being grateful for all the things, big and small, that God's given us.

1. Obviously, this year I am thankful for my new gift of life (see the post "Donate Life!" for more info. here). I wouldn't be celebrating this great holiday season with everyone if it wasn't for the priceless gift of selflessness I received from a family I will probably never know. I am immensely grateful to them, and to all of you who are organ donors (if you're not, please consider being one!).

2. My amazing family. I love them all--parents, brother, sister, and the great big extended family--that are so awesome and fun. I cannot wait to see them all (well, OK, most of them) on Thursday! Especially the kids! We all have a lot to be thankful for and it will be great to get together, eat the food, celebrate the season, and go shopping on Friday ( :) ) with my family. They are a great bunch. I thank God for you all!

3. My friends. Awesome, awesome, awesome. You're lucky in life if you only have one or two good friends, and I've got more than that, so I'm really, really lucky. They've been so supportive this past year--thank you!! (Now, if you would all let me know what you'd like for Christmas...) Note to you guys: You are all witty, wonderful, intelligent, fun, and great Christian folk (even if we do argue about Tennyson at dinner....). I love you!

4. That Notre Dame will actually go to a good Bowl game.

5. That my clothes fit again! Yay!

6. My job, which I really enjoy and is a lot of fun. I'm especially grateful for coworkers who are both fun and intelligent and understanding about the craziness which has been my life since I've worked with them. :)

7. That it hasn't snowed yet. :)

8. and, of course, I am grateful to God for seeing me through all this with the help of fabulous, intelligent, and fun (that's very important) people who have made me into the great RoadRunner that I am today!! :) All the docs, nurses, PTs, RTs, LPNs, Father Mark at Children's ( yay!) know who you are! You are the best and I am so grateful for everything you've done for me! I couldn't hvae done it without you!! God knew what I needed when He sent you all. :)

PHOTOS: (clockwise from bottom)
1. My mom's parents--Grandma and Pa--who have taught me so much about the Church and Catholic living. They are awesome! Here they are at my grandfather's 80th birthday party in May.
2. Me and my other best friend, Amilia, at our friend Troy's house after celebrating early Thanksgiving this week.
3. Some of the Gang of 24: Ryan, Andrew (Andy), Matt, and Carrie after playing basketball at Aunt Patty's in May. Aren't they great looking? Rematch on Thanksgiving (provided it isn't snowing!)

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