Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More on the Vat Doc

From Peter Robinson in the Corner (; if you don't read the Corner, you really should--good conservative insight with a good dose of Catholicism thrown in. (Even some Catholicism/Anglicanism debates every so often!)

Rev. Joseph Fessio studied theology under Joseph Ratzinger, now known to the world as Benedict XVI. Father Fessio had this to say on the NewsHour:
Someone who accepts the Church's teaching that homosexuality is an affective disorder but realizes it's a disorder he has and suffers under that and accepts it as his cross and unites himself to Christ crucified can be a holy, devout and good priest.

But someone who promotes the gay lifestyle, who is claiming that homosexuality is a gift, is ipso facto dissenting from Church teaching. And we may call him a good priest; he may be compassionate; he may be helping the poor, whatever....But that does mean he's teaching what the Church expects him to teach. (emphasis mine--E)

A priest, after all, is acting in the name of Christ and in the name of the Church. And if a priest is not going to accept the fundamental teachings of the Church, which includes the hard saying that homosexuality is an objective disorder, then he's a dissenter; he's doing a disservice to the Church.

I know some of y'all (esp. the non-Catholics that I know read this) are probably sick of all this document talk, but I'm sure it's going to continue. I'll try to keep some new things up, though. I'm about done with The Interior Castle and I should have a review up tomorrow or Friday. We'll see. But between the Vat Doc and the abortion issue, this has been kind of a two-topic circus lately. I'll try to keep new things in the loop, though.

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