Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Some Thanksgiving pics (for those who care)

For those who are interested in me as me (as in, my life outside of the blog), here are some Thanksgiving pics for y'all to enjoy. I had a great holiday, and I hope the rest of you did, too!

From left: Jack(6), Ryan(7), Courtney (8), me, and my sister Melanie (16) hang out in my cousin Molly's room. I've never been to my aunt's new house so I was getting a very enthusiastic tour from Ryan and Courtney (Jack, Courtney and Molly live there). Suffice to say, between the library (oh heaven) and the movie room (!!), I was pretty content to stay there forever. **ages are my best guess!

From top: Ryan, me, and Paige (4) in the library. I love little kids' questions about my surgery and etc. the best--they are so honest and direct. Paige had a lot of them!

My siblings and I in the kitchen before the meal.

-- Jack, Kelly (15/16, Ryan's sister), Molly (11 on Sunday!--Courtney and Jack's older sister), Courtney and Paige hang out after dinner in the dining room. The meal consisted of tutkey, lasagne, duck, three types of cranberries, multiple stuffings, three kinds of potatoes, myriad deserts, and cake for my Aunt Mary's birthday. mmmmm.....

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