Monday, May 22, 2006

deep thoughts on bumper stickers (or not...)

Today's round-up of weird bumper stickers:

--Seen in the statehouse garage: "My voice, my vote" on a NARAL sticker. Um, not so much. There's another "voice" there, too, but we like to forget about that one.

--On I-70: "I love God...I just hate his fans." Well, hmm. Isn't there scripture about (paraphrasing here) "how can love God, who you cannot see, if you cannot love your neighbors, who you do see?" Hmmm. Or, um, "love one another"? I don't know. I mean, I get the point, it's about religious "extremists" or "fundamentalists", or (horrors!) the "religious right." But I think it would be better to not try to express political points more complicated than "vote Democrat, it's easier than working" or whatever on a bumper sticker. Especially when it comes to the central tenents of Christianity....

Still working on the there was a lot more to read than I originally thought...

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