Saturday, May 13, 2006

Working on it...

I've begun researching for my first post in the Christians and contraception "series", but as usual I am finding a wealth of things of th subject that require reading and consideration. So I will hopefully be able to work on it tomorrow and have something written up.

If you're interested in checking out some sources ahead of time, this is what I'm currently looking at:

-- Humanae Vitae
-- Love and Responsibility by JP the Great
-- Gauidum et Spes (Vatican II constitution)
--CCC passages
--Scott Hahn-- First Comes Loves , Rome, Sweet Home and Swear to God , his book on the sacraments.
--Thomas Howard, On Being Catholic

There may be more...I'm also going to consult BXVI's encyclical, because I'm sure I remember something there. We'll see. But it is coming!!

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