Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ryan's First Communion

I can hardly believe that my godson is old enough to receive Eucharist, but here we were, last Sunday, watching him go to Mass with us, like normal, except this time he got up and received Jesus, instead of sitting in the pew moving his legs so we could all get by. On Saturday he and my cousin Courtney both made their first communions, and what a party it was. Lots of fun (too many games of Sardines), but awesome. It's great to know that Ryan and I can share this now, too. He's such a good kid. He had to receive First Confession first, and I was thinking, what does a seven year old have to confess? Probably just the "norm"--I fought with my brother, I disobeyed my mom, I told a lie. Stuff like that. At least I hope it's stuff like that! I don't want to think about it getting any more serious!

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