Monday, May 22, 2006

No, no, more no

For those that have asked:

1) Have I seen DVC? No
2) Will I see DVC? No.
3) Will I read DVC? No.
4) Wait, so you haven't read it? No. I have read it--exactly three pages. The first page which is emblazoned with the word "FACT" and then procedes to give you ones that um, aren't, and the first two pages of the novel, which was just horrifically bad writing. I'm sorry, but this was the kind of stuff people wrote in my ENGL 210 Creative Writing class and we all thought, hmmm, how late were you up last night trying to throw this together? I was not impressed. DVC doesn't sell because of it's style, it sells because it's bashing the Church and Christianity in general.

And I'm sick of the people who say it's fiction, so what's the big deal? Well let's see. Let's write a book saying the Holocaust never happened, but let's call it 'fiction'. Let's write an inflammtory book about the Propher Mohammed and call it 'fiction.' You don't think the Anti-Defamation League and Muslim/Islamic groups wouldn't be all over them? Fiction doesn't get you anywhere. Plenty of stuff can be fictious and just plain bigoted. That's what DVC is. It's a bunch of anti-Catholic, anti-Christian diatribe that takes the Church for a ride. Not cool, and not fair. At all. And honestly, I don't even understand how Christians of any stripe can see it, given that it presents the premise that Jesus wasn't even divine. Even the heretics of the Early Church didn't go that far!

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