Tuesday, May 02, 2006

While we're on the subject...

OK, so bishops that don't like to be in vogue with church teaching....why do some of them hang out with Sr. Helen Prejean, of Dead Man Walking fame?

Let me clear something up. I'm against the death penalty, which drives my conservative friends NUTS. Apparently I am deviating fromt he Sacred Scripture of the Republican Party, but they can live with it, y'all. I'm pro-life all the way b/c I hate inconsistencies.

But these bishops don't see a problem, apparently. I'm sick of hearing people praise Sr. Prejean, without mentioning that she's pro-choice. I was reading an article in Ligourian that mentioned she's good friends with Justice Ginsberg. She's a pro-choice nun, and yet no one ever mentions that. That is a HUGE inconsistency for someone who's supposted to be all pro-innocent life. What is more innocent than a baby? But this doesn't make anyone else upset....sigh.

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Orthodoxy said...

WTG - I've also "seen the light" about the death penalty, due to the words of John Paul the Great, as well as a disdain for inconsistency (no matter what my political party says). I do, however, reserve it for the most extreme cases, e.g., a terrorist who can still contact, influence, or instruct other terrorists should be put to death, for the greater good of society. Unfortunately, the death penalty has been more about vengeance than about public safety. An incarcerated-for-life gang leader who doesn't instruct gang members anymore still deserves life.

That said, just over 1,000 people have been executed in the U.S.A. since the Supreme Court allowed the death penalty (in 1974). In that same time, over 44 million babies have been killed by abortion. (See my post about the decline of our culture, with regard to the "undesireables".)

Gotta pick your battles, and it sounds like this nun and her "friendly, neighborhood bishops" have picked the wrong battle. Great movie, but poor choices.