Friday, December 02, 2005

Document effect: limiting teachers in seminaries?

Some have thought that the Vatican document prohibits gays from teaching in seminaries. As I 've said, the document really only applies (as I understand it--if I'm wrong, smart people should feel free to correct me) to men who are actively homosexual or who want to advance the homosexual agenda against the doctrine of the Church. So it shouldn't matter who the heck teaches in the seminaries, as long as they are following what the Church teaches . The whole point of seminary is to form priests. Shouldn't we make sure that they're being formed in obedience to the Magesterium and following Orthodoxy, as opposed to an agenda that isn't approved by the Church? If a seminary prof is gay and celibate and on board with what the Church teaches, then let him teach. I don't care, and I bet a lot of other Catholics don't either. I would rather have that than a heterosexual celibate priest who's so caught up in advancing his own agenda of Catholicism that he totally ignores or rejects what the Church actually teaches.

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Michael Castrillo said...

Perusing your blog, it sounds very reasonable, and with a tolerant point of view.

When John Paul was alive, and the church was in the vanguard of winning the cold war, I cared deeply about what the church's point of view was, enough to join a seminary. Now that the war is over, and John Paul is gone, my interest has waned.

I firmly believe that the church can teach and believe whatever they want, but I do not believe.

Nice Blog!

Michael Castrillo