Friday, December 23, 2005

The Travel dossier: B XVI to Prague in Sept. 06

From the Prague Daily Monitor :

Pope Benedict XVI will probably come on a visit to Prague next September, Prague Archbishop Cardinal Miloslav Vlk told CTK today.
In such a case, the Pope will link his visit to the Czech Republic with the planned trip to his native Bavaria, Vlk said, adding that Benedict XVI has already received the invitation by Czech bishops, but an invitation from President Vaclav Klaus is necessary, too.
During his meeting with Papal Nuncio to the Czech Republic Diego Causero today, Klaus mentioned the invitation.
Presidential Office spokesman Petr Hajek told the media that Klaus had invited the Pope to the Czech Republic, but Causero did not consider it an official invitation.
According to diplomatic habits, the verbal invitation is considered the first step toward the visit. If it is accepted by the addressed side, an official visit follows, Hajek said.
Vlk said that he welcomed Klaus's intention. "We like it and we agree with it," Vlk said.
"We have invited him and the Pope has agreed. But we have not yet published it since we did not have any precise date," Vlk said.
However, Pope's trip to Germany was already announced on December 8. He is scheduled to visit Munich, Regensburg, Altoettingen and his native town of Marktl am Inn on September 10-15.
Previous Pope John Paul II visited the Czech Republic in 1990, 1995 and 1997.

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