Thursday, December 15, 2005

"killing doesn't solve anything"

I was reading the Akron Beacon Journal today and found a letter to the editor about the war in Iraq, essentially saying that "killing doesn't oslve anything"--OK, well it wasn't 'essentially' said, it was said straight out. To paraphrase Ann Coulter, war has ended slavery, fascism, and communism, but other than that it has a limited repetoire.

War is a horrible thing. No one wants to go to war (unless they're derranged, like Hitler or Saddam, and think they can destroy the best fighting force in the world. Heh.). But sometimes it's necessary to protect yourself, your country, and your way of life. The church was Just War Theory for a reason. And if slavery, fascism, communism, and terrorism aren't good reasons to fight a war, then I don't know what is. Unless you think that dictators like Hitler and Saddam and Stalin, et al., would've just 'gone away' or been 'reasoned with'. Killing may not be fun, or desirable, or even allowable in all circumstances, but let's give credit where credit is due. This letter writer wouldn't even be able to write this letter if it wasn't for the freedoms gained by war.


Frank said...

War is always avoidable, there's always another way. The freedom that you have now is not because the wars your country has fought, but in spite of them. Freedom is gained by democracy, by fair laws. You are now not in freedom but in fear of what your government has done by itself. To protect yourself from an attack you don't have to attack first, you have to help the people (of Irak as an example) by helping them to gain democracy, not by invading them and killing them. The same with Vietnam and Korea. I'm not a catholic, i just simply do not believe in god, but i beleive in freedom and democracy. Those are two things that the human being has invented to prevent war.
However Bush was not worried about the Iraky people. He only cares about oil. That's no reason to start a war or to send your youngsters to kill or to be killed. Finally, catholisism is about love, it is the first lesson that Christ taught, so there's absolutely no room for any kind of way.
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