Thursday, December 15, 2005

Got $1M? You can buy JP II's house!


The former pope’s childhood home has been put up for sale for $1 million by its Jewish owner.

American-Israeli psychologist Ron Balamuth, whose father Rabbi Yechiel Balamuth rented rooms to the Wojtyla family, is asking £600,000 for the 19th century house in Wadowice.

And at the head of the queue to buy the place of Pope John Paul II’s birth, now a popular pilgrimage spot, is the local Jewish community, which hopes to buy the tiny property as a gift to Poland’s Catholic church.

Krakow Jewish community head Tadeusz Jakubowicz said: "John Paul II did a lot for the Jews, and this would be a good way to thank him for it.”

I can't think of a nicer gesture from the Jewish community of Poland to the Catholic community. It would really signal a cementing of something, wouldn't it? And it's a much better buy than if some entrepreneur bought it and exploited it as a tourist site! I hope the Jewish community can do it--that would be fantastic.

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RichelleKZ said...

I'm finally going to Poland in March and Krakow and Warsaw are on the list...hopefully JP II's hometown too. I will look into this event and hopefully take lots of photos!