Sunday, December 25, 2005

Some Christmas pics (for those interested)

Merry Christmas, everybody!! The news today is a bit light, so I thought I'd post the first round of Christmas pics, with explanations.....hope you are all having a blessed and joyous day!

L-R: Tom, me, and Branden at the Christmas fete Richelle and I threw at Bon Vie bistro up at Easton. Great party, good food, good times....very enjoyable.

More friends at Bon Vie...L-R: Doug and Becca, Richelle and Brian, Brian and Leah Yoder

Evening at Karen's place in German Village (very cool): the puppies (!) and me and Karen

The family at Christmas: Mel, me, and Bryan

Photos from Branden's Christmas Party: 1) me and Troy in the basement pool room (with Alex in the back); 2) Tiff and I in the living room in front of the 'blue tree'--one of many!; 3) Sean, Tony and Tom before playing Mario Tennis (again...); 4) Andrea and Lindsay enjoy my Snickerdoodle cake (recipe appearing here soon!) with Doc Froggy!!

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antonia said...

Hello! What lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing! I just found your blog & love it! I hope it's okay that I added you to my blogroll!
with love,
your sister in Christ,