Thursday, December 15, 2005

top religious events of 2005 from AP

Interesting read from AP religion reporters:

The death of Pope John Paul II, followed by the election of Pope Benedict XVI, were rated the top two stories in religion for 2005 in a survey of specialized reporters belonging to the Religion Newswriters Association.

Participants also overwhelmingly picked John Paul as the year's top "religion newsmaker."

The other top 10 events, in order:

_Controversy over removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube.

_Faith-based agencies' response to Hurricane Katrina, the Asian tsunami and Pakistan earthquake.

_Mainline Protestant denominations' ongoing discord over homosexuality.

_Evolution and "intelligent design" debates, especially in Kansas schools and a Pennsylvania federal case.

_The U.S. Supreme Court's split decisions on Ten Commandments displays.

_Religious involvement in Supreme Court nomination politicking.

_A Vatican policy statement bars most gays from seminaries and ordination.

_Billy Graham's farewell revival meeting in New York City.

The annual survey, conducted online, drew responses from 100 religion reporters in general media, a third of the association's membership.

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