Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The White House "Holiday" Card

OK, I think some of the religious right have officially jumped the shark--they're going after G.W. as "giving in" to leftist, secularist pressure by saying "happy holidays" on the White House Christmas card.

This year was the first year I even got a White House Christmas Card, and I was pretty excited. It's cool--it's the White House in the snow with the First Pets in the yard, frolicing. I like it. The inside has an O.T. verse and says "happy holiday" yada yada yada and is "signed" (a la autopen, probably...sadly) by G.W. and the great Laura. I was thrilled just to get one. But some folks, including, unfortunately, William Donahue of the Catholic League ( A group I ususally agree with, obviously) has said that G.W. has abandoned Christianity and that this has gone too far.

Come on, people. Let's get real. Compared to most Presidents (including the sainted Jimmy Carter), G.W. has done more for the religious right than any president I can think of. He's given us faith-based initiatives, he's nominated religious men and women to the courts, he talks freely about his faith and God in public. He is clearly a Christian who holds his faith deeply and seriously. I don't have a problem with "happy holidays" when it's a massed-produced card (like the White House's is) going to millions of folks who may not celebrate Christmas. I'm sure Jews and Muslims and others are members of the RNC and get the card, too. Yes, I'm sure most Republicans are probably Christian. But still. Let's err on the side of caution here.

No, that doesn't mean that I want Christmas trees called "holiday trees"! Christmas trees are clearly a Christian, Christmas tradition. It would be like calling a menorah a holiday candlelabra, as I've noted before. But when it comes to the White House, I'm not really all that offended to get a card that says "happy holidays". That's fine. It has an O.T. verse, and even Jerry Falwell is OK with that. So let's all calm down and breathe. It's all good. G.W. is still a good religious conservative. Relax, folks, and focus on fighting the ACLU over manger scenes and Christmas songs in high schools. Those are fights we can win.


andrea said...

That is really cool you got a card!

Also, I wanted to give you this link - watch the video, it is hilarious. They guy who is anti-Christmas won't stop talking and the whole thing falls apart. Beautiful :-)

andrea said...

oops, left out the link. here you go: