Tuesday, December 06, 2005

TV: JP II mini-series to air tonight

Tonight will bring CBS' second part of their miniseries Pope John Paul II . If you missed it the first time around, scroll down to read my take on it, and be sure to tune in tonight. I'd like to see it get better rating than the first half (which could have been due to football running late...although JP II was a sportsman, I don't know if he'd be thrilled knowing he got bumped for pigskin...kidding! Just kidding!). The first half was quite good at showing the humanity of the pope as well as proclaiming what he believed quite fearlessly. I know that a "Charlie Brown Christmas" is also on, but switch over to CBS and watch Charlie later, or buy him on DVD. Let's try to boost the ratings here! (It has a BXVI thumbs up and Vatican approval...so you know it's kosher!)

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