Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Dubious Distinction?

In the year-end accolades that are coming out, Pope Benedict has been named the "Ant-Gay Person of the Year" by the Washington Blade . Here's some choice bits courtesy of Yahoo!

...writer Dyana Bagby writes "Presiding over what some describe as the 'strongest bully pulpit in the world,' Pope Benedict XVI, just eight months into his tenure, has unilaterally targeted gays as moral threats to society."

From banning gay priests to publicly lobbying against legal recognition for gay couples in Spain and Italy, the Washington Blade reports Pope Benedict XVI has aggressively lobbied against gay rights across the globe.

"His rhetoric is obscene. He wants gays clearly taken care of -- it's almost like the Final Solution," said Kara Speltz, a Catholic lesbian activist for Soulforce, an organization dedicated to ending anti-gay discrimination within all religions.

ooooookay. So whose rhetoric is obscene here? Just because the Pope doesn't happen to believe that homosexual "rights" such as marriage are part of God's order, that doesn't mean he's ordering their extermination. Good heavens. Let's get a grip on our figures of speech, please. When we start sending gays to the gulag, then we'll talk. But guess what? That's not going to happen. So let's get real, please.

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