Friday, December 16, 2005

New stuff

I went a little post happy yesterday, so consequently there's a bunch of stuff--best religious events of the year, torture, JP II and B XVI, buying JP II's house, limbo, more on the mega-churches, etc., etc. Scroll down and happy reading!

I'm going to a dinner party tonight, so may have some posts late, or over the weekend. But I put up plenty of stuff yesterday to keep you busy. :)


rover said...

I ran across your blog during a moment of boredom at work and found it to be interesting. I left a comment on your post about torture. Anyway, I was wondering if you would mind if I linked you from my blog, Baboons In Yankari. Myself and a group of old college friends have a small community of blogs going, and your thoughts might be interesting to them. I have to warn you that we are a bunch of Protestant boys who can be a bit opinionated, but it might be fun. Let me know.

Emily said...

No go ahead and link. My best friends from college are a bunch of opininated Protestant boys and one agnostic...I'm used to it!