Monday, December 19, 2005

Why can't novelists find another topic?!

Grrr!! Just after I write about my beefs with The DaVinci Code I find there's another conspiracy theory novel about the Church coming out....

From the Herald Sun:

THE Vatican, having weathered author Dan Brown's bestseller The Da Vinci Code, will now be battening down the blockbuster hatches against a new novel claiming that Pope John Paul I was assassinated.
ohn Paul I died of an apparent heart attack just 33 days after becoming Pope in 1978.
But Portuguese author Luis Miguel Rocha, 29, dubbed the "new Dan Brown", says he was murdered because he was aware of money laundering involving the Vatican Bank and planned to liberalise church doctrine.
Rocha says his The Last Pope is based on documents from a secret Vatican source, which he will reveal in April.
The novel depicts a conspiracy involving top financial officials, governments, and a mafia group including Vatican officials.
"He wanted to be the last wealthy pope," Rocha said. "John Paul I wanted to redistribute the riches of the church, open the church to women, and authorise contraceptives."
John Paul's death on September 28, 1978, instantly gave rise to speculation over discrepancies in the official story and over the Vatican's refusal to allow an autopsy.
In 1984, British author David Yallop's In God's Name proposed that John Paul was murdered.

Geez, can we pick another topic to write about? Another institution to bash?? Hello?????

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rover said...

I say let the novels keep coming. In typical media fashion, these stories wil be turned out record rates in the belief that they will all make bundles of money just like The Da Vinci Code. Eventually so much of this crap will be shoved in our faces that any mention of church conspiracies will be met with a collective yawn. In short they will be their own demise. Just like all of those disaster movies a few years back.